Hiking Mount Greville and the Stunning Palm Gorge

Mount Greville South East Ridge
Going up via South East Ridge

Mount Greville (720m above sea level) is perfect if you want a fun leg workout with good views. It only goes up or down, leaving no opportunity to rest with flat zones.

We reached the summit via the south-eastern ridge, which is known to be the easiest way up. It was a fun path with just the right level of challenge to keep a good pace and enjoy nice views.

Despite the challenges because of the unstable rocks and slippery palms, Palm Gorge is a must-do. It was a great surprise to go down in such a different environment. Between two cliffs and on a rocky ground, the vegetation was plentiful with tall palm trees and huge fig trees. Our photos do not reflect the magic of this place.

Enjoy the landscape while you ascend as it offers the best lookouts of the hike. At the top, trees limit the views and you’ll need to wander around to find openings. From the side of the cliff on the left, you’ll see a part of Lake Moogerah. From the right, you can spot a large gorge.

It took us 1.5 hours to go up, including a lunch break and a short detour to the start of Waterfall Gorge (another track leading to the summit – but we started the hike too late to give it a go). I am less confident descending so we spent a couple of hours going down via Palm Gorge.


I would not recommend doing this hike during a hot day or when it is wet.


I found this great map of the three path options to hike Mount Greville on Aussie Bushwalking mobile website: Palm Gorge on the left (in green), South East Ridge in the middle (in green) and Waterfall Gorge on the right. They’ve shared great info about the hike on their website if you’re having a hard time making decisions on which one to choose!


Mount Greville Map


Lake Moogerah sunset
Mount Greville is on the left

We stopped at Lake Moogerah on the way back. It’s a great spot for sunset. If you’re keen for more hiking, there are many other mounts in the Moogerah Peak National Park.



Have you hiked Mount Greville? Did you like it? Leave a comment below to share your experience!





Where is Mount Greville?



Mount Greville is in the Moogerah Peak National Park, near Lake Moogerah, approximately 100km south of Brisbane. It takes approximately 1h20 to drive there from Brisbane, via the lovely Scenic Rim.


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