Margaret River: One Day Tasting The Best Wines and Beaches

Anyone who likes wine in Australia would know about Margaret River. But it’s actually a lot more than just a wine region! The vineyards are located between two capes, Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. And the coast from one Cape to another is stunning.

Premium wines and magnificent beaches… Doesn’t the Margaret River sound like a perfect destination?!

When you grab a tourist map of the Margaret River region, you immediately see there are enough attractions to keep you entertained for a full week. We only had a couple of days before going East to reach Esperance (see full itinerary here), so we had to make choices. We decided to skip the cave exploration as we had opportunities to do that elsewhere. We focused on the coast and the wineries.


The Busselton Jetty: the longest wooden jetty in the world

Our first stop was Busselton, a coastal town reputed for its 2km long jetty. We walked there at sunset. Despite the cold wind, it was lovely. During the day, only those who buy a ticket can get access to the jetty. We chose to skip the diving at the end of the jetty as, from a Queenslander point of view, it felt like winter and the idea of a dip in the cold water did not seduce us.

However, it seemed liked a perfect introduction to the underwater world. The photos and the concept were seducing.


Margaret River - Western Australia - Busselton Jetty sunset



Margaret River - Western Australia - Busselton Jetty sunset


A beautiful coast from one cape to another

The Margaret River region goes from Cape Naturalist in the north to Cape Leeuwin in the south.  And the coast is beautiful all along the 120 kilometres.

Our recommendations:

  • Point Piquet in Meelup Regional Park, for its red rocks near the turquoise water
  • Sugarloaf Rock, for the dramatic shapes
  • Canal Rocks, a must-see. Although the wind was not a highlight of our trip to Western Australia, it made some places look incredible and wild. Canal Rocks was one of them: the waves were powerful!
  • Hamelin Bay, for the friendly rays. Unfortunately, they did not visit the beach when we were there. But we’ve seen amazing videos of the place. The rays come to the shore in few centimetres of water, attracted by the scraps the fishermen leave behind them.
  • Cape Leeuwin, for its lighthouse and the magnificent views. We were disappointed by Cape Naturalist Lighthouse, which is a lot smaller and with no interesting views from the base. But Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is worth going. Although we could not climb to the top of the tower as there was a two-hour wait because of the school holidays, we enjoyed our visit around the base and our drive in the natural park. Did you know that the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet there?


Margaret River - Western Australia - Sugarloaf Rocks
Sugarloaf Rocks

Margaret River - Western Australia - Point Piquet
Point Piquet

Canal Rocks

Margaret River - Western Australia - Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse


Margaret River - Brookland Winery
Brookland Winery

And beautiful wines from one cape to another!

Margaret River is a major wine region in Australia: 20% of Australian premium wines are from there! The region has a maritime climate that can be compared to Bordeaux, which is a particularity in Australia. Margaret River wines are mostly famous for their Cabernet Sauvignon blends and Chardonnay.

It’s hard to choose between the 215 vineyards and the 180 wineries. We had lunch at two wineries (Aravina Estate and Brookland Valley) and visited two other ones for wine tasting (Voyager Estate and Woodlands – the ones we knew from the other part of the country). All had lovely views and beautiful parks. The food was excellent and there was not a wine we did not like. Special mentions for the home-made charcuterie and the local venison at Brookland Valley, and for the Aravina Estate Wildwood Ridge Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.



Have you visited the Margaret River? Or is it on your list? Share your experience in the comments below!


Where is the Margaret River Region?

It takes three hours to drive to Margaret River from Perth. It’s a great destination for a weekend, and even for a week!


western australia road trip - margaret river


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