The Falls Drive: the Perfect National Park Trip if You’re Feeling Lazy!

the falls drive sign - brisbane regionThe Falls Drive is a scenic drive in Main Range National Park that will take you to lookouts and short walks to four waterfalls. It’s perfect if you want to explore a National Park, but you’re not keen for a long hike!

Although the Falls Drive hadn’t started yet, the road from Brisbane around the Scenic Rim was already a pleasure. I love the countryside outside Brisbane. It is lovely to drive through the green rolling fields with tall trees and stock all around.

You can find here a complete guide for the tourist drive.


Responsible tip: I love road trips, but driving isn’t the most responsible way to travel because of the carbon impact. Consider car pooling and choose a car with low petrol consumption: SUV or 4WD aren’t necessary for this drive. Learn more responsible tips here!


The Queen Mary Falls

The Queens Mary Falls are the most famous falls in that area. They are the ones who made me make this trip initially. I wanted to admire the big 40m plunge, both from the lookout and from the base, after the rainy days in the region.

It’s a short and easy walk to the bottom and back up (40 minutes).

the falls drive - queen mary falls


Carr’s Lookout

Carr’s Lookout was a great stop to enjoy the countryside landscape with a bit of height. We had a lovely break at the Spring Creek Mountain Cafe.

the falls drive - Spring Creek Mountain Cafe


Brown’s Falls

The walk to Brown’s Falls is short, less than 1.5km return.

However, it requires a lot of scrambling, especially after rainy days. It took us around 1/2 hour to walk there.

the falls drive - Brown’s Falls

Bonus on your way back to Brisbane:

If you’re driving there on a Saturday (it closes early on Sundays, unfortunately), consider stopping at the Kooroomba Vineyards. Lake Moogerah is also a great option; we love it for sunset.


the falls drive - lake moogerah sunset 
Kooroomba scenic rim Kangaroo Lavender Farm


Where is the Falls Drive?

The Falls Drive starts just after Boonah and takes you through the southern section of Main Range National Park. It takes 2 hours to drive to the famous Queen Mary Falls from Brisbane (without stopping at the lookouts).


the falls drive - roadtrip brisbane region



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