The Best Places To Visit in Turkey: Tips to Prepare Your Itinerary

I spent six months in Turkey, studying at one of the best university in Turkey. It gave me time to explore the country and learn more about the culture. I loved it.

I sometimes travelled with friends, and sometimes travelled solo. Despite the reactions the idea brought to a few of my relatives, travelling around Turkey solo as a woman never felt dangerous. I will remember forever the kindness of the Turkish people I met along the way and their willingness to help whenever I asked a question. But make sure you keep in mind that some places in Turkey are conservative so you always dress appropriately.

I am working on a more complete list of the best places to visit in Turkey, but here’s a start of the ones you must not miss while planning your itinerary to this fantastic country:

You cannot visit Turkey without exploring Istanbul. Istanbul is one of my favourite cities in the world for its History, its beauty and its food. Yes, just that. And this is coming from a French person who grew up near Paris; I mean that I know about a beautiful city full of History and great food…! Check out this itinerary to plan your Istanbul getaway.

The Turkish coast is stunning. I was amazed by the south region when I explored small villages near Antalya and Kas. But although these are great, there are better places to include in your Turkish itinerary if you’re limited in time.

I’d recommend instead to visit two regions that offer a landscape that you cannot find elsewhere – which is why I believe they both deserve a mention on the best places to visit in Turkey. Cappadocia and Pamukkale both look unreal.

The Turkish food is delicious. I particularly love the dishes with yoghurt and having simit (a kind of bread) for breakfast. Make sure you include time to try a few restaurants during your time in Turkey. You can read this article on Backpackers Wanderlust for ideas on where to find the best Turkish food in Istanbul.