Springbrook: Rainforest and Waterfalls Heaven at Brisbane’s Doorstep

Springbrook National ParkA visit to Springbrook National Park is my favourite day trip from Brisbane – when we choose not to go to the beach. It is just a short drive from Brisbane. There are many easy walk options with spectacular views of the rainforest and on beautiful falls.

Just near the Gold Coast, it can be a perfect opportunity for a weekend away: one day at the beach, one day in the forest!

You’ll find many walks and lookouts in Springbrook. The two places that I highly recommend checking out if you have a limited time and cannot explore them all: Natural Bridge and Twin Falls Circuit.


Don’t want to drive? There are tours from Brisbane (click here to view*) and from the Gold Coast (click here to view*) that will take you to Springbrook National Park for the day.


Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park

Springbrook Natural Bridge

This is likely to be the most touristy spot in Springbrook National Park. But as they built a beautiful boardwalk so the traffic is flowing rather freely to keep the visit enjoyable. The views on all the different facets of the Natural Bridge waterfall are remarkable.

As it is a popular destination, the wildlife is limited, but you can always hear many birds during the walk. We also spotted a python a few meters away from the track. The cave near the fall is inhabited by small bats that you can distinguish if you look attentively. If you visit the Natural Bridge during summer, try to plan your trip so you stay after sunset to see the glow worms.

It took us time to get the timing right, but it was a fascinating experience. Make sure you turn off all your lights before entering the cave. You will adapt to the obscurity. The glow worms cover and light up the entire cave, it looks magical. Don’t forget to also turn off your light while you’re on the track: we saw glowing mushrooms too!

If you want to see the glow worms but don’t want to drive at night, you can book an evening tour from the Gold Coast (click here for more info*). Alternatively, there is another glow worm cave in Tambourine National Park. Although it’s a purpose-built cave, the glow worms are real! Check out this tour from Brisbane that will take your there*.

Sadly, it is also a perfect place to fulfil my new commitment to clean My Favourite Escapes. It is surprising how people can travel that far to admire the nature and leave their rubbish there… We spotted (and took back with us) bottles of wine or cans of beers on the side of the track.


Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook National Park

Sprinkbrook Twin Falls Circuit

It could be the most diverse 4km hike I know.

You start from the top of the cliff with spectacular views up to the ocean to then go down through the rainforest from one waterfall to another, between rocks and caves. I enjoy it a lot every time I go there.

The hike is relatively easy and only took us about 90 minutes (whereas it was indicated 2 to 3 hours on the sign!) – but be ready to go up and down.

Although it is when the falls get more impressive, I always tend to avoid the heat of summer for hikes. Moreover, the paths sometimes get closed after storms.


Looking to spend the night in Springbrook National Park? I haven’t tried it yet as, at this price, it’s for special occasions only, but I love the concept of the Lyrebird Retreat*. It’s a non-profit accommodation that redirects all its profit to the rainforest restoration.  


Where is Springbrook National Park?

Springbrook National Park is in the Gold Coast hinterland. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive there from Brisbane.




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  1. Perfect timing I’m headed to Binna Burra tomorrow for the night and walking during the day. These are the exact two walks I was planning to do!

    I’m hoping to go to Natural Bridge during the day and return at night to see the glow worms.

    Although you saying you saw a Python has me a bit nervous…

    1. You’ll love it Sonja! Don’t worry about the python, it was actually cool to see it. I am not at all a snake expert so I may misidentify it, but I don’t think it’s a dangerous one ;)

      I’d love to get feedback on how the glow worms were in Natural Bridge. I haven’t been there at night yet!

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