The Best Romantic Getaways near Brisbane for Nature Lovers

If you love nature and want to escape from Brisbane with your loved one, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a selection of my favourite romantic getaways near Brisbane that will take you into lush nature for the weekend.

An ideal isolated place that inspires you to dream and share your feelings: that’s my definition of what makes good romantic getaways.

Romanticism is not about the place itself, but the experience you create out of this special place. Going on a romantic escapade can be a great way to discover local places with different eyes.

My recipe for romantic getaways: just the two of us, nature and “luxury”.

Why is luxury between quotes? It has different meanings for different people, and for different places.

A private spot in lush nature is a luxury for me. If it’s managed sustainably, it relieves many worries – and a worry-free stay is luxurious too. Add good food and wine to level up (and when you’re lucky like me to have a partner who loves cooking, it means access to a kitchen). And the extra points for comfort will come after all that.


Now that the definitions are set…

Here is my list of the best romantic getaways near Brisbane:

I have arranged them by cost. If you know a romantic getaway near Brisbane that’s not on that list, please leave a comment below. I’d be curious to find out more about it!


1. Featherview in Mullumbimby

$90 per night

The view from the ground floor of this Airbnb house is stunning – directly from your bed or the hammock on the terrace. From the highest hill of Mullumbimby, you see all the way down to Byron Bay coast. It is located on a banana farm, so you can get fresh and frozen fruits to create tasty smoothies!

Showering under the trees and the stars give a sensation of freedom that nature lovers will love.

Read the full article about Featherview here.

 Romantic and Peaceful Banana Farm Stay near Byron Bay

2. Witches Falls Rainforest Suite* on Tamborine Mountain

$245 per night

The four main things I loved about the Rainforest Suite at Witches Falls Cottage:

– the spa bath in the garden, under a roof, so you don’t risk it with the weather

– the undercover barbecue in the small private garden

– the winery at a walking distance

– the great sunset spot just across the road from our room

Plus, they have an environmental policy that shows they’re interested in conservation. It’s not as good as an eco-resort yet, but it’s a good start.

Click here for more info*

Romantic escapes near brisbane - witches fall cottage rainforest suite - outdoor spa
Photo by Daniela

3. Lyrebird Retreat* in Springbrook National Park

$250 per night

I haven’t experienced this one myself, but it has been recommended by a colleague. She looked so pleased when she came back from her weekend away that it’s been on my list since for the next time we plan a romantic escape near Brisbane. I simply love the concept.

Lyrebird Retreat is a nonprofit accommodation: all ‘profits’ are directed to rainforest restoration on Springbrook National Park. It will feel even better to relax while saving the rainforest.

Click here for more info*

Springbrook is my favourite National Park near Brisbane. Read the full article about Springbrook here.

Springbrook Natural Bridge w
Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park

4. Kayaking on Noosa River

$290 per couple

This romantic adventure is my favourite of the list, but it won’t seduce everyone. Although it’s like a dream for me, it can be a nightmare for some others! If you don’t want to make any efforts and if you don’t like camping, pass on this one.

It’s a self-guided kayak tour. You hire a double-canoe for two days with camping equipment. Then you spend your time in nature, by yourself. The camp you book is only for you, and that’s what makes it very romantic.

When you wake up with the birds singing, the river with the first lights of the day is like a mirror. It is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.

Read the full blog article about Noosa Everglades here.

Kayak Noosa Everglades

5. Treehouse* in Kondalilla National Park

$295 per night

A stay in a treehouse made us feel remote with all the comfort possible. In our wooden chalet surrounded by a beautiful rainforest, we relaxed for hours listening to the birds and peaceful aboriginal music.

No internet, no 3G connection: it’s all about disconnecting and enjoying the nature.

My favourite accommodation at Kondalilla Eco-Resort is the Love Shack Villa. The spa bath has large windows, so you feel like being in the most comfortable forest ever. The fireplace will keep you warm during winter days. The balcony is equipped with a barbecue so you can chill in your room and still enjoy being outside.

With Montville nearby, you’ll have a wide choice of restaurants if you feel like eating out. The Kondalilla Falls National Park is just next door. It’s perfect for a lovely walk after checking out.

Click here for more info*

romantic escapes - brisbane - eco-resort private spa bath


6. Amelie’s Petite Maison* in Montville

$300 per night (2 minimum)

French-influenced style, private outdoor hot tub with scenic views, fireplace… This cottage seems to have it all! Almost… I can only fully appreciate a bath when I know the water I use is carefully taken care of. Unfortunately, I found no mention of sustainable management for this Bed & Breakfast. So I haven’t tried it myself.

Click here for more info*

Montville Cottage - Romantic Escapes near Brisbane
Photo by The Spotted Chook

6. Lillypilly’s Deluxe Cottage* in Maleny

$340 per night

I haven’t been to Lillypilly’s Country Cottages yet. Like the previous one on this list, it doesn’t mention any sustainable effort, so I prefer to give my money to similar accommodations that do.

However, their Deluxe Cottage ticks many things I look for when choosing a romantic escape. I’m sure it’s easy to relax with the beautiful lake views, whether you’re enjoying them from the patio, the spa or nested near the fireplace.

Click here for more info*

Deluxe Cottage Maleny - Romantic Escapes near Brisbane
Photo by Lillypilly’s Country Cottages


Have you tried any of these places? What’s your favourite type of luxury escape? Leave a comment below!


Where are these romantic getaways near Brisbane?



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  1. Totally agree with you that a worry-free trip is luxurious! Brisbane is on my “to-visit” list still, so I’m definitely saving this for when I get the chance to finally visit.

  2. Gosh the Witches Falls Rainforest Suite! I’d absolutely love something like this! Wine, spa and barbecue! It’s like a romantic escape meets up with Australia! Not sure if you’d ever want to leave this room! I’m sure I wouldn’t!

    1. I agree, Kate. It’s an awesome concept. I don’t usually spend a lot for accommodation so thinking that it goes towards preserving the national park makes me feel less guilty about what I spent ;)

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