Travels & Full-Time Job: 3 Steps To Find the Right Balance

I chose to be a part-time traveller to fulfil my passion for travelling. I haven’t always been happy with this status of part-time traveller. I’ve found myself dreaming of a nomadic life as I was reading some travel blogs. A 5-9 job rather than a 9-5 job or being stressed because of work make it harder to fulfil any passion. It makes it hard to travel a lot. But selling all we have to embark on a never-ending trip is not the only solution.

Today, I have a full-time office job. Still, I regularly hear people saying: “You’re lucky, you’re always on holidays!” I don’t have more holidays than they do; I sometimes even have less. But I’ve found a formula that made me happy to both settle and still travel a lot.

Finding a good work/life balance is the ultimate key to being able to travel a lot with a full-time job.

So, how to find the right balance between travelling and working?

There is no easy and quick answer for that one I’m afraid. Why?

Because I don’t think there is a formula that is “right” for everyone. As individuals, we all have our own way to find our balance. And to complicate things, the right balance is only right at a particular time. We always need to adapt it during your life to keep it right.

This is how I found mine- hopefully, some bits and pieces will help you to figure out what yours is!



1. Find a region you like with a lot to explore

Eloise AustraliaI am a firm believer that we don’t need to go far to be travelling. There is always something great to explore in our local region. Consider your area as a tourist destination and your weekend as 2-day holidays. It opens an incredible amount of opportunities to travel.

I’ve found my balance by expatriating from my native country and love the experience. I have settled in Queensland, on Australia’s East Coast. Why? I love outdoor activities, and the Sunshine State climate is a perfect match for this. The number of places of interest and the variety of activities I have around me – and a little bit further! – are amazing.


2. Find the right job

That’s a big part of finding the right balance. It’s quite evident: a full-time job takes a lot of time and has a significant impact on the ability to travel a lot. My job is not the only reason why I want to stay where I am, but it is honestly one of the main reasons. I am not talking about security here. I am not scared not to find another job. But my current job fills the criteria I wanted for a good work/life balance:


  • I like the variety of the missions I have, the skills I develop and the industry.
  • I work in a healthy environment where I am not stressed – although I have responsibilities.
  • I have time to travel and make travel plans. I don’t often finish late during the week and live close to my office so I have enough time for my hobbies and chores. Also, it’s no big deal if I arrive slightly late on a Monday morning or leave a bit earlier on a Friday afternoon.
  • It provides me with a regular salary. Not that money is primordial to travel, but when you lack time it does help a lot not to lack money!

It’s not by luck that I have found this position: I thought about my needs to find my balance and looked for a good match. I didn’t only look at the job description and the salary when choosing my job.

When I was living in Paris, I had the number 1 criteria in this list checked (all Europe was my backyard!). Yet, my job situation wouldn’t let me enjoy it. I loved my job, but I was working from 9 to 7 with over 3 hours per day in the public transport. I had no time to plan escapes for the weekend, and it killed the envy. That was a good lesson.


3. Make the most out of your breaks between trips

Travel Full-Time Job Work Life Balance.png

I have switched to a different point of view than the usual workdays / weekend. What if we consider we have two days of holidays per week, with a  5-day break to recover, prepare and plan the next one?

When I am not travelling, I focus on the things I could not do if I were on the move. It makes me happy to be home. I enjoy being part of a soccer team, having close friends nearby or gardening for example.

And above all, I always have the next trip to plan to keep me excited.


What about you? How are you going with finding the right balance? What’s your ideal lifestyle?


TRAVEL & FULL-TIME JOB - 3 Steps to find the right balance


19 thoughts on “Travels & Full-Time Job: 3 Steps To Find the Right Balance

  1. I’m so happy to read this post and all the energy you filled in it!! It’s not a matter of being lucky, personally i believe you have been so good to create your balance and the life you like to live! Well done then!!
    I’ve a question for you: How & when do you run this blog? … that’s my problem because with a 9-5 job, a family and… i mean.. a life.. :-) time for blogging is very limited and I’d love to have more!!

    1. Thank you for your message Ale. Yes, time for blogging is very limited I agree!
      I usually work on the blog after work – before dinner/sport/going out. I don’t have a family… I guess that helps finding time! I also live very close to the office so I guess I save a lot of time there too!
      Finding time is all about prioritising… I have to admit that as much as I love writing for my blog, I have chosen to keep this activity purely as a hobby (no objectives and constraints) in order to limit the time I spend on it. This way, I am always free to give priority to my other hobbies (traveling and playing soccer) and to my social life! :p

  2. There are always ways to make it work, depending on individual circumstances. If you’re working at a job you love, know how to keep the balance and make shorter breaks work for you, you truly get the best of everything.

  3. Mary Charie | Two Monkeys Travel

    - Edit


    This is a great post dear! I was on a stage that I don’t know what job a wanted to do. I love traveling, so I decided to do a travel while figuring out myself. Until I realised that I can just travel and do a full time. Boy, I was so excited and still excited doing this job! <3

  4. I could not agree more! Finding a balance is the key. Reclaiming your space and being a tourist in your own city can be a new way to see the place!

  5. You’re right there is no cookie cutter answer to this. I am currently living the quit my job, sold my stuff and am traveling the world life. It wasn’t easy but I really wanted it so I made it happen. I’ve learned that long term on-the-go travel isn’t for me but I do love slow travel. House sitting has allowed my husband and I to travel longer and slower. We love it. I will admit though, we are looking forward to having a permanent home base again as well as jobs that actually support a healthy work/life balance.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Alana. Alternating the lifestyles can indeed be a solution as well to find your right balance. I’ve never tried house sitting but it sounds like a good opportunity to really experience the local life! Good luck for everything :)

  6. Great post! I’m in the same boat as you. As hard as it is sometimes to read blogs about people who are travelling full-time and moving around the globe non-stop, I don’t think full-time travel is for me. I love having a home base, I love crawling into my own bed at night, and I love having that little bit extra spending money when I do travel because I work full-time. I no longer have to be a ‘budget traveler’ and it’s a pretty nice feeling! One trick I try to adhere to is booking holidays during a statutory holiday. That was you get an extra day without tapping into our vacation days – that one extra day can make a big difference!

  7. Grietje from TravelGretl

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    Good article, love it! I think sometimes we try to think in extremes. Like ‘ultimate’ traveling would be always traveling – with the other side being some kind of not traveling at all or doing it ‘half way’ – but the cool thing is, there are as many options as there are people! As you say, you can actually travel whenever you want, where ever you want. And the most important thing about it – is to be happy every day. Cool to hear you found a day job that does that for you too! :D Sounds like you found a great working – traveling relationship :)

    1. Thanks Grietje! I like your comment, it’s important to always keep in mind that we all have different tastes for happiness and wellbeing! :)

  8. I absolutely agree with all the valid points you made here. Especially the last one. Make the most of your breaks, no matter how short it might be!

  9. Love this post! My ultimate goal is to become location independent and I think my company may be slow migrating to that system. Fingers crossed!

  10. I love to travel as well and I’m always planning my next trip but, like you, I do enjoy the connections as home. it’s the right balance for me.

  11. Finding what the right choice is not an easy task. There is no cookie-cutter answer and what is perfect solution for one individual could be absolutely unacceptable for another one. Interestingly, to make things even more complicated, opinions of friends and family members contribute to this puzzle too. Congratulations, with figuring out the best lifestyle that best suits you and makes you truly happy.

    1. Thanks Elena for your comment. You’re right, for some others’ opinions (and judgement…) will impact all this. Not an easy task!

  12. I too am a part time traveler with a full time office job. I totally agree with what you’ve said, you have to make the most of the leave and time off you have. One of the reasons I’m still in the UK is the ability to duck off to the country or continent for a weekend.

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