Travel Tips: How To Send Postcards in 2min When Traveling

No stamp needed! No matter where you are, the delivery will be quick!

Have you ever head or Touchnote? This is the digital revolution. Now, the easiest way to send a postcard when travelling requires a phone or PC with photos and an internet access.


Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 01.39.55The concept

  1. Select a photo (or more) from you PC or phone
  2. Add a message and a postal address
  3. Touchnote prints and sends the card


It is that simple – very quick and easy – and always a good surprise for people who receive the cards. They love seeing a personal photo with our faces instead of a plain landscape postcard.


Find out more on Touchnote website!




Available on: iPhone, Android, PC

Price: Free app. From 99c to $2 per postcard.




More Apps here


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