Sailing on a Beautiful Vintage Boat from Saint Goustan in Brittany

Sailing Brittany Saint Goustan - IndomptableWith its bright blue hull and its tall orange sails, l’Indomptable is one of the most photogenic boats you’ll ever see. When my father offered to sail it during our visit to Brittany, I thought it was a joke.


Sailing one of the most beautiful regions on one of the most beautiful boats…

Was I dreaming?


L’Indomptable is moored in Saint Goustan, a lovely port on the Auray river in the South of Brittany. I love the authenticity of Saint Goustan and it made it to my Best Of Brittany list. A short stroll along the quays feels like travelling back in time, with the cobbled lanes, the stone bridge, and the old looking half-timbered houses. I could easily picture my father childhood souvenirs. So boarding a vintage ship was a perfect addition to the picture.


Sailing Brittany Saint Goustan - Indomptable - eloiseThe historic vessel was built in 1947 in Britanny to fish scallops. It was totally restored a few years ago and can now be hired to sail from Saint Goustan around the Gulf of Morbihan and Quiberon. With tons of islands around, it’s a splendid area where to navigate.

We all had a chance to manoeuvre the ship and raise the sails. It was a fantastic experience. If you’re a beginner, that’s not a problem. The skipper is on board to give you instructions and advice.

We were lucky with the wind: we could sail all the way to the ocean and back and never needed the motor. The cruise was delightful.




Sailing Brittany Saint Goustan - Indomptable
Sailing Brittany Saint Goustan - Indomptable - Map Morbihan

Up to 12 people can be on board and a day tour costs 600 euros. Visit for more information.


Planning a trip to Brittany? If you want to explore the lovely Morbihan region, I recommend staying in Vannes City Centre. It’s a beautiful town to explore, and there is a good choice of accommodation and dining options.

View hotels in Vannes*


Where is Saint Goustan (Auray)?


Saint Goustan is the port of Auray, located in the south of Brittany – the most western region of France. It’s easily accessible from Lorient and Vannes, which can both be reached by direct trains from Paris.


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20 thoughts on “Sailing on a Beautiful Vintage Boat from Saint Goustan in Brittany

  1. Seems like a beautiful and serene experience. The water looks quite calm and lovely. The sailing experience as you described seems like stress free and perfect to take in those sights.

  2. Rashmi and Chalukya

    - Edit


    Loved your pictures! We have never tried sailing but it does looks very fascinating. Saint Goustan sounds like an amazing place with the cobbled lanes and the half-timbered houses. A sail on a vintage ship is definitely one of its kind of experience.

  3. I”d love another sailing adventure. Friends chartered a bare bones boat to cruise the BVI’s and we loved the quiet adventure of sailing from port to port. It would be wonderful to cruise through such a historic region as you did and with your father no less!

  4. I never tried a sailing trip, but I’ve always found the idea of it super-romantic! If you had a group of 12 friends that’s super cheap to rent out the boat for the day! The boat really is super beautiful and I would absolutely love to take a vintage sail boat out!

    1. Hello, Page. We did it as a family trip with my father so I didn’t get the romantic side of it. But I’d love to escape to some remote places as a couple: that would definitely meet my idea of romanticism! :)

  5. Such a beautiful boat! That looks like a lovely way to spend the day. They did a great job of restoring it, too — can’t believe it’s already 70 years old! How cool that they even gave you the chance to maneuver it yourselves, must have been a memorable experience.

    1. Thank you, Jolina. Yes, they did an amazing job. It took them a couple of years I believe and they had to do a lot of research on top of the manual work to actually restore it. It’s always a special feeling to maneuver a boat, and this beautiful one was special indeed.

  6. Some people just find it hard to deny the call of the sea! I’ve never gone sailing like this before but it must be a really relaxing experience, looking at all the scenic spots. P.S. I love that photo of the boat with the water mirroring the sky.

    1. Thank you, Jayce. Sailing can be relaxing in smooth waters (it was the case on this trip), but it’s a lot of work and efforts when it’s rough. I love it in both situations :)

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