Join Me in Making the World a Cleaner Place!

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I committed to clean My Favourite Escapes…

… And I invite you to do it with me!


Tourism often has a negative impact on the environment. We pollute by taking planes or driving. We disturb Nature by enjoying amazing places and exciting activities. There are options to add a positive impact to our visits.


Will you take a few minutes of your time to grab some rubbish to clean some great places while you’re visiting them?


It just takes a few bends instead of sights to make a good action.

If you do it, please let me know so I can update the stats at the top of the page to motivate more people to follow us. Send me a photo of your achievement and I will feature your story on my blog.


Read this post to learn more about what triggered this initiative.





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amanda wanderlust - durdle door (1)Amanda, from Amanda’s Wanderlust

Travel blogger who loves travel but cares about her carbon footprint.

6 bottles + various plastic bottle tops at Durdle Door in England.

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Making the world a cleaner place!