Looking For Something Different In Paris? Try this…

… and please let me know if it was good!

I just came across the concept from Visit.org that connects travellers with local non-profit organisations to join tours and/or activities. It seems like a fantastic exchange opportunity for the tourist to experience the local culture and for the locals to benefit from tourism.

There is no tour listed in Australia, but I was surprised to find one activity to do in France, in Paris. They seem to run two tours for 2.5 hours: Time regained and Java of old suburbs. It’s free to join, and donations are welcomed to “support and encourage unemployed individuals around Paris to get back to work, as well as to finance some of our organizational activities and programs”.

I grew up in the suburbs of Paris. If history and monuments are fascinating there, the city is also very rich thanks to its great mix of cultures. A different facet to explore. If I were in Paris, I’d join this tour to find out more!


Visit Paris Alternative

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