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When we speak between travellers, the question “What’s on your bucket list” often arises. If I always have my next destination in mind, I find it harder to keep a bucket list. I want to visit as many places as possible and I feel like having a list could reduce my open-minded approach to new opportunities and new destinations.

However, it is true that some destinations have been in my head for years now. And I do want to go to these places some day. I could have spent days to list them, but with the objective in mind that I want to publish this article one day I decided to limit my list to 20 destinations. And every time I will take off a destination, I will have the opportunity to add one more.

I have also listed below some destinations I visited that would have been part of this bucket list if I had started it a few years ago.


Travel Bucket List: 20 Places I Want To Visit

The list is by alphabetical order according to the country

  1. Dive with Whale Sharks (Ningaloo Reef, Australia)
  2. Cambodia
  3. Stay in a lighthouse in Croatia
  4. Egypt
  5. Paris catacombs
  6. Sailing trip around Brittany (France)
  7. Hike Corsica (France)
  8. Iceland and view the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis
  9. Tuscany (Italy)
  10. The Lost City of Petra (Jordan)
  11. Mongolia
  12. Skydive Fox Glacier (New Zealand)
  13. Patagonia
  14. Machu Picchu Trek (Peru)
  15. USA Road Trip
  16. Visit New York
  17. Yellowstone National Park (USA)
  18. The Grand Canyon (USA)
  19. Hike a volcano in Vanuatu
  20. Vietnam

To Be Continued…!


What I ticked off my bucket list:




What about you? Do you keep a travel bucket list? Leave a comment below!


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