My New Commitment For My Favourite Escapes

Since I launched the blog late April – and even before – I have looked for a way to use it a bit further to make a difference in my trips. I am always touched by the people I meet when I travel and the cultures I discover. I also focus my trips on natural areas: I love the wilderness, I love hiking, diving, sailing…

In Australia, nature is at the centre of almost every trip I do. Hence, I have decided that my little “difference” will be towards nature and ecology. I already do my minimum of daily actions to support environment (recycling, turning off lights, limiting my use of plastic bags, restricting my waste…), which is not a reflex for everyone here.

Clean Up Australia
Clean Up Australia

Australians are among the highest waste producers in the world. We generate almost  48 million tonnes of rubbish each year  – that is  about  2.1 tonnes from each of us. 40% of this rubbish is either being dumped in the environment or sent to  landfill where it cannot be recycled.

Clean Up Australia


Because I love the nature in this country and to fight for a healthier environment, I have just become a member of Clean Up Australia.

I have also signed up for the easy challenge of Plastic Free July: I will be careful to reuse my containers (water bottles, food containers, cups, bags…) to limit the use of unnecessary plastic.


From July 1st 2015, I commit to clean My Favourite Escapes:

During my trips, I will pick up some rubbish that other visitors forgot before me, and I will track on the blog the amount of trash I find. I will then be able to feature some milestones as a reminder that as an individual, we can make a difference.

By removing rubbish, we can make our environment a healthier, cleaner and more beautiful place to live.


While investigating about how I could have a positive impact with my blog, I found this inspiring article about Tommy’s initiative to clean a river bank on his way to work. He proves we really can change our environment as an individual, and even make a bigger difference if we achieve the goal to inspire people to follow us.

An Eurasian Coot started nesting in the part which I cleaned.

Tony Kleyn, from Project Schone Schie

bottle-environment-wasteWe have done this already during some of our hikes or trip to the beach; it is not a massive effort to bend over a few times to pick up a can or a bottle that was dropped – instead of sighing… I hope my initiative will inspire some of you…?

Don’t hesitate to let me know your actions; I will be happy to count them on the blog too! If you are around Brisbane, we could even organise a Clean Up Day together :)

3 thoughts on “My New Commitment For My Favourite Escapes

  1. Vicki | MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld

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    When I worked at Walt Disney World in Florida, my introduction session included being taught ‘The Disney Scoop’ – where you effectively lunge whilst your walking and ‘scoop’ the trash off the floor. I’ve never forgotten it and its a practice I’ve continued long after I left the Mouse!
    Good work on pledging to the make the places we visit devoid of traveler-induced trash – and spreading the word to encourage others to do so!

  2. Laura @ Grassroots Nomad

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    This is such a wonderful idea! I will have to start doing this as I travel around as well. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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