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What is

I use a city as a base – where I have/had an 8-5 job -, and blog about the trips I did during my free time off work.

It is nowhere near a complete guide: I only write articles about the places I visited.

How do I navigate on the site?

There are two menus to browse from:

  • The main one is per “base city” according to the time you have available: Paris, London, Istanbul and Sydney/Brisbane.
  • The second one is per activity/interest and destinations.


Why did you choose these cities to escape from?

I have lived in (or near) these cities I have listed. I loved them, but as I always want to move and visit new places, I also visited a lot of spots nearby that I now want to share. Some of the best destinations are easier to reach than we think!

You have missed a key destination! How do I tell you? is a travel blog: I will not review a destination I have not been to.

I would love to receive suggestions on new places to visit and write about. I am currently living in Brisbane, so if you have tips in this area, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below!

There is a mistake in the information provided. How do I tell you?

Thank you for helping me improve the blog. Please feel free to add your opinion and experience in the comments on each post.

You can also contact me by email on [email protected], and I will add a note to the article to remove the mistake.

Can I participate in the blog?

This blog currently only have its creator as an author. If you like the website and would like to participate, please write me an email with your idea(s), and I will for sure have a think about it.

I like your blog. How can I help?

Thank you! If you like the blog, please share it with your friends and family! I would also be very happy to read your comments and feedback on my posts. Finally, please like MyFavouriteEscapes on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to receive updates!

Do you earn money with your blog?

I don’t blog to make money, and travel blogging is not my job. I blog as a hobby. Still, I display affiliate links on my blog that can generate some small revenues to help me pay for the hosting costs.

I may receive discounts to participate in an activity and write about it on the blog. When this is the case, I indicate it in the article. Opinions on this blog are my own and would not accept to mislead or hide the truth to place affiliate or sponsored links.

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How does it work? FAQ

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