Travel Tips: Lost in Conversion? YAC! can do the math for you!

If you like mental calculation as much as I do, you may not be at ease with prices in foreign currency. I get lazy when I have to convert prices. Smartphones have changed my life here. It is now ridiculously easy and quick to convert money with an app.

Which one on the market is the best? I don’t know! I haven’t tried many apps for that. I found YAC! (Yet Another Converter) a few years ago and it does all I need so I did not look for something else.

YAC Travel Tips Converter iPhone AppWhy do I like YAC?

  • It can’t get more simple
  • It is a calculator too: no need to switch
  • Rates are updated automatically when I am connected to the Internet
  • I don’t need to be connected to the Internet to use the app
  • The recent tab makes it easy to do conversions with multiple currencies


travel tips phone app converter

Available on the Apple Store

Price: Free

What about you? Which conversion app do you prefer?


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