13 Awesome Things To Do In Rainbow Beach For a Fun Weekend

Rainbow Beach is reputed for being the best access to the famous Fraser Island (K’gari). But if you have time, don’t be too impatient to reach K’Gari and stay a bit in Rainbow Beach: it’s also worth a visit! It’s one of my favourite destinations as a weekend away from Brisbane.

Kayaking Noosa Everglades: An Adventure In The Immaculate Wilderness

Kayaking Noosa Everglades is a fantastic way to experience the unspoilt nature of the beautiful river. There aren’t many opportunities to get such a remote adventure close to the city. I’ve kayaked there three times: you’ll find in this article important tips to organise your trip to kayak Noosa Everglades.

Scuba Diving Stradbroke Island: Manta Rays, Grey Nurse Sharks, And More!

Diving with Manta Rays… Some people we met on board were bringing a dream to life by diving with these majestic creatures! How lucky are we to have them so close to Brisbane?

Scuba Diving Byron Bay: The Best Experience at Julian Rocks Marine Reserve

Don’t miss the opportunity to do scuba diving in Byron Bay: Julian Rocks Marine Reserve is on the Top 5 of Australia’s best scuba diving sites. It’s the most exciting experience you can have in Australia’s most relaxed town: sharks, rays, turtles and thousands of fish await! Learn more about my dozen dives there!