How To Mix Beach & Fun In The UK? I Recommend Brighton!

Brighton… my heart beats faster when I think of it, I had a great time there! Two words are enough to sum up my weekend there: beach & fun!

How is the beach in Brighton

Brighton Pebble Beach
Brighton Pebble Beach

The pebble beach is not the best for putting your towel and for having a nap. But Brighton is not the place I would go to have a nap anyway. Put aside that looking at the sea is always a great scenery for a weekend away, what I liked about Brighton’s beach is all the vibrant atmosphere around the place.

All along the beach, you can find shops, discos and a nice place with artists.

The landscape is sliced into two parts. The West Pier is a ruin because of the several fires it went through. The Brighton Pier, on the contrary, is a big attraction with fares above the sea, gamble games, shops and restaurants. It is very animated and gives to Brighton something special.


What to see in Brighton

In the city centre, I loved the lanes, small streets with original shops.

Brighton Royal Pavilion
Brighton Royal Pavilion

Also, the Royal Pavillion is one of the most remarkable architecture I could have imagined seeing there: an oriental palace right in the middle of an English seaside town!


The nightlife in Brighton

I was impressed by Brighton’s nightlife. People are open-minded and easy to interact with. Prices were affordable thanks to the student discounts and because of the competition. There are many places where to party!

It appears to be an excellent place for live music too. I think I actually could live in Brighton!


I have not tried it, but why not plan your visit during the Brighton Festival? It is one of the biggest art events in the UK!


Is Brighton not your style? Check out this list of the best beaches in the United Kingdom to find one you’ll love!


Have you visited Brighton? Has it changed since my last time there? Leave a comment below!


Where is Brighton?


Brighton is about 75km from London, going south. It is easy to reach by car, train or bus.


Where to stay in Brighton? We didn’t book a hotel when we visited Brighton, but there are plenty of accommodations to chose from. Click here to see what’s available*.




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