My Objectives with My Favourite Escapes?

I often read blogs from digital nomads who are always on the move exploring the world while earning money with technology. I love reading their adventures to discover inspiring travels, but their lifestyle can make a lot of us dream with a feeling of an unreachable life. These travel blogs can sometimes make you feel you are missing out because of your job and settled life. I am not a nomad, and MyFavouriteEscapes is built differently:

I use a city as a base – where I have an 8-5 job -, and I blog about the trips I did during my free time off work. Every weekend is an adventure.

My primary goal is to share my favourite experiences with people, to hopefully inspire you to visit the places I love and to receive inspirations from other travellers! I am very excited about this.

I sometimes hear that I am lucky to travel that much – which is right. But I am most of the time not more fortunate than the person making this comment. With this blog, I’d also like to make people realise that travelling does not require a loan and long-term holidays. It is not necessary to quit our job, our home or our family to have exciting trips, and some of the best destinations are on your doorstep! I want you to go on a trip to explore your backyards after reading one of my posts :)


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French expat enjoying life in Australia since 2012.

Who Am I?

My name is Eloise. I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, but if you ask me where I’m from, I’m more likely to answer Brittany, the most western region of France. That’s where my parents live and where I have spent most of my holidays as a kid. I caught a travel bug just before turning 20 when I moved to England to teach French for a year. Since then, I decided I would make the most of my free time to explore new places.

For the last ten years, I have been a part-time traveller.

I have a full-time job, and I try to travel as much as I can during my free time (weekends and holidays).

I have lived in different areas in France (Paris suburbs, Normandy, Brittany), spent a semester studying in Istanbul before moving to Sydney for a year. I finally set home in Brisbane in 2013.

I am more a slow traveller type: I like to spend time in one place and fully explore the area rather than rushing to tick as many places as possible or aiming at covering the highest number of visited countries.


Where I have been:

(Yes, there is still a lot to explore – and I am very excited about that)