1 Free Thing All Women Must Do To Travel Longer

There is one thing that you can do every month – for free – to increase your chance of travelling longer. It is easy, and it only takes 5 minutes.

I learnt a lot about this while preparing my trip to climb Kilimanjaro. This trip was special as we associated it with an important cause: raising funds and awareness for breast cancer. This is a quick overview of what I discovered – please read it although it is not travel related, as it really could save your life. If you are not convinced, have a look at this article about a fellow 23-year-old traveller who found out late she has breast cancer – as her young age and a bad doctor diagnosis got in the way. She is now spending the rest of her life raising awareness about the importance of self-examination.


Did you know that?


What to look for during the self-examination:

The best moment to do it is when your hormones are low, during women periods boobs can change so it is not ideal. I have added below a screenshot from Coppafeel explaining well what we need to check.

What if something feels wrong?  Some of these changes can be hormonal, but it is important to know them, monitor them, and react if they persist. Don’t panic if something has changed. Give it a few days and if it continues, go to a doctor to get advice. Remember that if you detect the disease early, chances of recovery are high!


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14 thoughts on “1 Free Thing All Women Must Do To Travel Longer

  1. Taria Shondell Faison

    - Edit


    Thank you for this post and the picture to go with it so that we can actually see what to check for!

    1. No worries, Taria. The picture is from Coppafeel (coppafeel.org/boob-check). I find it really helpful too so I want to share it!

  2. Thanks for this reminder! I’ve had this scare way too many times. Turns out, I just have lumpy boobs. But it’s something I check often.

  3. What a great post! Too often we forget about small things, which may have big effects. I’ll make sure to examine myself. Thanks for sharing! :)

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