Jenolan Caves: Explore The Oldest Known Caves on Earth near Sydney

Jenolan CavesJenolan Caves system is dated to 340 million years. It is among the oldest on Earth. Ten caves are open to the public, for spectacular visits suitable for everyone.


Although one day or even half a day can be enough to visit a few caves, I find the scenic drive from Sydney (a bit less than 3 hours) too long to make a day trip to Jenolan Caves worthwhile.

Jenolan Caves was a great destination to add to the second day of our weekend trip to the Blue Mountains in November 2009.


My First Caving Experience at the Jenolan Caves

I had my first caving experience at the Jenolan Caves. We arrived late in the afternoon and took the first guided tour available – unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the cave we visited. It was unbelievable and well above my expectations.

No need for equipment nor planning: it is a touristy place, and they will provide everything necessary for the visit. It was very well organised and easy to access even for someone inexperienced. Still, there were moments where some fitness/flexibility were needed, but nothing too hard.

The guide was passionate about the topic, and the explanations were fascinating. We had all the necessary time required to enjoy the visit. They also did a good work on the lighting to enhance the beauty of the cave. I was surprised by unexpected water and fluorescent rocks.

Jenolan Caves
Jenolan Caves

I highly recommend this visit. It was a great opportunity to try something different – and slightly challenging.


I would love to go back to Jenolan Caves to try the adventure caving! Has anyone tried this before?


You don’t want to drive to the Jenolan Caves?

You may be interested in joining a tour from Sydney that will take you to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. I find that fitting both in a day trip is a lot but sometimes, that’s the only opportunity you have. Viator* offers a few of these tours that you can book online.

There are also tour options departing from Katoomba, the town in the Blue Mountains that you can reach by train from Sydney.


Where are the Jenolan Caves?


The Jenolan Caves are 175 kilometres west of Sydney, in the Blue Mountains region.


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