HMAS Brisbane: a Great Wreck Dive on the Sunshine Coast

HMAS Brisbane Dive - MooloolabaHMAS Brisbane was a destroyer produced in the late 60s that served during the Vietnam war. In 2005, it was sunk in Mooloolaba to create a dive site on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s amazing to have such a great dive site a couple of hours away from Brisbane. We reached the wreck after a 20-minute boat trip from Mooloolaba wharf.


Who can dive the HMAS Brisbane?

The depth ranges from 6 to 28 metres. The main deck of the wreck is within the 18-meter limit, making the dive suitable for Open Water Certified Divers. But it’s more fun for Advanced Certified Divers who can go to the bottom of the wreck at 26 metres deep and penetrate the wreck to explore the different levels.


How is it to dive the HMAS Brisbane?

HMAS Brisbane Dive - MooloolabaDiving a wreck gives a special feeling. It’s dark and gloomy. Get ready for an exploration: you never know what may be hiding behind those small doors. It’s also fun to be able to interact with the wreck by playing with the old machines

The number of schools of fish was impressive. I recognised a clownfish, a lionfish, a big flathead and the usual pomfrets and stripeys. Among many others.

It’s located in the open sea. With the current, the surge and the narrow passages inside the wreck, I don’t think it’s an easy dive. It was my first time inside a wreck and it required an excellent buoyancy. I had to focus every second in the water, and I felt exhausted after the two dives! Despite all these efforts, I loved it and I will do it again. The wreck has many openings so it’s easy to get out at any time. I wasn’t scared at all. It’s actually fun to add some technique, and it’s very different from the other dives in the area.

Our night dive there got cancelled twice so I’m looking forward to rescheduling it.



Have you dived the HMAS Brisbane? How was it? Share your experience in the comments below!


Where is the HMAS Brisbane?


The wreck is only 20 minutes away from Mooloolaba by boat, on the Sunshine Coast. It takes less than 1.5 hours to drive there from Brisbane.


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