Why Fingal Head is a Perfect Afternoon Beach Escape from Brisbane

Looking for inspiration for a trip down the coast from Brisbane? Fingal Head is my favourite coastal escape when we go south. As you pass the NSW border, it’s nothing like the busy Gold Coast anymore. You left the crowd behind you for a much more relaxing experience at Fingal Head.

Why is Fingal Head a perfect escape?

fingal head


fingal_head1. Fingal Head is charming and original

Sometimes, beaches can look all similar. But Fingal Head has its own charms that makes it different.

The unique rock formation in the Causeway is my favourite. I love sitting on the edge of the cliff watching the waves crashing on the beautiful column shape rocks.

A few hundred metres further in the background, Cook Island is a nice touch to add something distinctive to the ocean scenery. It’s a permanent home for green and loggerhead turtles and many other marine species. I haven’t dived there yet, but it’s surely on my list.


2. Fingal Head offers various activity options

I like to do something more than just going to the beach and Fingal Head is perfect for that.

fingal headThe park at the end of Marine Parade, just next to the beach, has a barbecue and picnic tables. From there, you can wander on the beach and start the short and easy walk to the lighthouse. Views of Cook Island and of the Causeway are awesome from up there.

There is another long beach on the other side, on Wommin Bay, that seems to be a great spot for surfers.


When you’re done with the coast, you can enjoy the river views.


coolangatta sunset
Sunset at Coolangatta

3. The day isn’t over when you leave Fingal Head

After a great afternoon at Fingal Head, you can make the pleasure lasts a bit longer on the way back. Snapper Rock (Coolangatta) is not far and is a rare spot on the east coast to get a sunset on the ocean.


If there’s traffic on your way back, you can let the crowd go back to the City while you have a drink or dinner at Currumbin Surf Club near Elephant Rocks to enjoy the coast a bit longer even after it got dark.



Have you been to Fingal Head? Or do you have another favourite place in this area? Leave a comment below!


Where is Fingal Head?


It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive down to Fingal Head from Brisbane. It’s located just after the New South Wales border, 100km south of Brisbane.

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