A Memorable Weekend in an Australian Farm in the Granite Belt Region

When was the last time you gave a milk bottle to a baby wallaby? Walked around with piglets? Cuddled a tiny kitten? Played with a lamb? Or seen baby turkeys?

I don’t even know where to start to explain why this weekend in a farm was memorable. Honestly, can you choose which one is the cutest? Because I cannot!

Australia Farm Baby Wallaby
Australia Farm Lamb

Australia Farm Kitten
Australia Farm Piglets

My in-laws were visiting us in Brisbane from Paris. For their fourth trip to Australia, it was becoming harder to find a weekend trip to experience something new around Brisbane! That’s how we decided to go down to Girraween National Park for the weekend: although it’s still in Queensland, it does not feel like it. It was a perfect choice that met all our expectations.

If you plan to spend time at this Australian farm, you may be interested in reading this article about my weekend itinerary in the Granite Belt region and Girraween National Park.


We were lucky to find accommodation in a very special farm that made the whole weekend in Girraween even more amazing.

Liz and John receive visitors on their 1,500 acres farm located on the highest point near Stanthorpe (more than 1,000m in altitude). The colder and less humid climate was just perfect for our French visitors.

If, like us, it’s already dark and calm when you arrive for your first night, you’ll have funny surprises the next day.

As you wake up in the morning, you may wonder if you’re still dreaming when you look outside the window.

A sheep is walking around followed by a lamb… and piglets! Further away, Liz is followed by a dog, but of course by a lamb and a kangaroo too, in a field where granite boulders seem to have randomly landed. Suddenly, a deep sound brings you back to reality. Kind of. The biggest sheep you’ll ever see is standing in front of your door, reminding you loudly it wants some breakfast too.

As you can imagine, the experience at this farm goes far beyond talking about zucchinis production or sheep and cow herds. Liz and John have a lot more to offer with their entire family that will welcome you and follow you around during your stay:

  • Bella, the funniest and biggest sheep you’ll ever interact with, will make sure you know it’s breakfast time by waiting in front of your door, hoping you’ll share.
  • Effie, the dog who never gets tired of playing, will make sure you always have company around the property – and even further. If they’re not working, be ready to throw sticks to the sheep-dogs. A fulfilling activity as you feel empowered with your new ability to create happiness.
  • Molly, the grown-up kangaroo who never left, will sit next to you as you enjoy the end of the day around the fire pit. Liz and John are wildlife carers. They give love and help to orphan animals until they’re old enough to live by themselves. But they’re probably too good with them: some like Molly just stick around and keep coming back!


Australia Farm Big Sheep Bella
Australia Farm Kangaroo Molly

Liz will look after everything so you feel comfortable, you have all you need and an opportunity to encounter all her protegees if you wish. Make sure you don’t fill up your days too much to be back at the farm before sunset. That’s when you’ll have the best chances to see all this surprising family together. Dogs don’t mind the cats. Cats don’t mind the birds. The lamb acts like a puppy. The piglets are scared of you, but not of the dogs. Honestly, it defies common sense and looks unreal!

If you’re as lucky as we are, many babies will be around to create the cutest memories you can ever have on a farm!


The accommodation was great for four people. We even could get two double beds. Don’t expect anything fancy – but just what you need for a lovely weekend!


We found Liz and John’s farm on Airbnb for approximately $100/night (incl. fees – if you book in advance) for an independent small house. We had an equipped kitchen so we could cook our own meals. The small house can sleep up to five people. Use this link to register on Airbnb and save $25 on your first booking!


Where is this special farm?


Liz and John are a few minutes away from Applethorpe, near Stanthorpe, in the Granite Belt region. It took us around three hours to drive down there from Brisbane.


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memorable weekend in an australian farm - baby wallaby
memorable weekend in an australian farm

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